Being a wedding photographer has surpassed all of my wildest dreams for what I would ever do as a living. Even in those moments where I dreamed I’d be a marine biologist (despite being terrified of tropical fish) or a back up dancer (as immortalized in my grade 8 year book), I never once imagined […]

After a hiatus from blogging, I cannot think of a better way to get back in to the swing of things than with this glamourous, sparkly New Years Eve wedding! When I first met with Tavia and she was describing her vision for hers and Alan’s wedding day I got major heart eyes from the […]

In 2016 I was hesitant to put together a ‘Best Of’ post. I felt my work was good, but it wasn’t quite where I wanted to be, there was always something missing. I loved every couple I had the opportunity to work with during that year but felt I didn’t really have anything I would […]

I couldn’t imagine having two more perfect weddings for my first ever double header weekend! Ashley and Paul were my second wedding of the weekend and I think it’s safe to say that the day was a dream come true! Ashley and Paul have been together 7 years. They first met online and finally met […]

The sun shone brightly overhead, setting a cheerful tone that couldn’t be any better suited for the day to come. Jen and her bridesmaids, who were all wearing matching light blue “I love you, Friday” t-shirts had gathered in Jen’s parent’s kitchen where they were getting their hair and make up done by the amazing […]

A sealed envelope with the words ‘congratulations’ written on it hung on their fridge. For three weeks it sat there, tempting them every time they went to get something from the fridge. This very special envelope contained the results telling them whether they’d be having a little boy or a little girl. Coral and Keith […]

Some things are meant to be together; peanut butter and honey, Sabrina and Harvey, Rory Gilmore and books and Jenn and Julian. Jenn and Julian are high school sweethearts. They met 13 years ago at a party and at the next party, when they met again, it became very apparent to both of them that […]

It was her birthday but she hadn’t wanted to go out that night. She had to work in the morning and wanted to relax at home. Can’t it wait until the weekend, she asked. Mike insisted that it couldn’t. Reluctantly, Kelly joined Mike for a night at the Prince Arthur Hotel and as she left […]

With getting married in less than a month Coral and Keith are definitely at a busy stage in their lives; made even more busy by the fact that they are expecting their second child together and their little girl just started walking! During engagement sessions it is always my goal to focus on the couple, […]

Michele and Steve put so much love in to make their day special and unique to them and who they are as a couple! From the choir of wonderful singers that Michele hand picked to stopping for pictures where they first met their day truly honoured who they are and all that they love! One […]