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4 Reasons to Have An Engagement Session

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Has the thought ever gone through your head that you don’t need to do an engagement session? Maybe you don’t see the point in them. Maybe your groom is less than excited about having pictures taken.  Or maybe the thought of being in front of the camera is a little nerve-wracking. Whatever the reason is, I wanted to share with you the 4 reasons why having an engagement session is so so important. And why having one will make your wedding day that much better!

1. It helps you get over that awkward feeling in front of the camera 

So many of my couples tell me before their engagement session that they’re super awkward. I can totally understand this feeling. I still feel awkward whenever I’m in front of the camera.

But having an engagement session can help you get over those feelings. It gives you a chance to become comfortable with how you’ll be posed in front of the camera. And since you’ll be doing the same poses on your wedding day, you’ll feel and look like a pro!

I find my grooms are usually a lot more hesitant about having their pictures taken then my brides. Seeing that the whole process really isn’t that bad will make them less hesitant about pictures on the wedding day. He’ll also get a chance to see how good he is at something he was unsure about — and that’s a total win! If you know your groom is extra hesitant about getting his picture taken, check out my post that talks all about preparing your groom for your engagement session!

2. It gives you a chance to get to know your photographer

Your photographer is the vendor you’ll spend the most time with so it only makes sense that you’ll want to build a relationship with and feel comfortable with them. Your engagement session is the perfect time to do this! 

Getting to know your photographer has so many benefits. Not only does it help you to get to know them and trust them, having a connection with your photographer is the key to getting those amazing images you’ve always dreamed of! And that’s why you hired them, right?

3. It gives your photographer a chance to get to know you

I truly believe the connection goes both ways. I’m able to create beautiful images for the couples that give me the opportunity to get to know them the most!

Engagement sessions, for me, are about so much more than just taking pictures! They’re about getting to know the both of you — about what your vision is for your wedding day, what your hobbies are, and what you do for work! I also love to hear what you’re envisioning for your wedding day because it helps me to create images that align with your vision!

4. It helps you figure out which poses you like

Another reason I believe your engagement session is so important is it helps me get a feeling for how you interact with each other in front of the camera. Every couple is different. Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity for me to see what looks natural and best for you so I can do more of that on your wedding day! Also, if there is a pose you love (or one you’re not so fond of) don’t be shy to tell me about it because I want to give you more of what you love!

Whether you use your images for nothing at all or put them EVERYWHERE, your engagement photos are so important to have because they set you up for success for your wedding day. And are a great way to document this short season of your life together!

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