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Preparing Your Groom For Engagement Photos

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Let’s be real. Most guys aren’t excited about taking pictures. Some of them even dread the thought of being in front of the camera. I can’t blame them. It can be awkward and uncomfortable and I think a lot of guys who are hesitant about pictures may have had a bad experience getting their pictures taken before (hello Sears portrait studio!). But photographers in general have come a long way since then! 

Despite your guy’s feelings about engagement pictures, they are an important part of the wedding experience. And a great way to help you prepare for your wedding day (especially if you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera). Which I find a lot of people, men and woman, are (me included!)

And while your guy will stillll do the engagement pictures with you because he loves you and wants to make you happy, here are a few things you guys can do to make the experience better for both of you!

1. Have him involved in the process from the beginning

Having him involved in choosing the photographer from the very beginning will ensure that you choose someone you’re both excited to work with. If he’s happy about the person who will be capturing your day, he will be more relaxed about getting his picture taken.

2. Show him some pictures from your photographer and explain what you love about them

Doing this will help him be able to see how excited you are about the process and will make him more willing to *ahem* go along with the whole thing!

3. Bribe him!

If all else fails, bribe the heck out of him! Plan to do something fun afterwards like go out to dinner (or order his favourite meal in). Promise to do something he loves in return (like watching football or playing video games or you know, other stuff). This will make it seem like it’s not a one-sided deal. Plus, you’ll get to spend more quality time together!

I hope these tips help both you and your groom enjoy your engagement session experience. It’s always my goal to have the groom leave the session saying ‘that was more fun than I thought it would be!’ and not dreading pictures as much on the wedding day! 

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