Guys, It finally happened!!

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So, it’s 2:10am and I just got home and I am so excited that I have to write a blog post about it! (Because Ryan’s sleeping and I’ve got no one else to tell but the internet!)
Everyone that has been dragged along this photographic journey with me knows my horrible luck when it comes to photographing the Northern Lights. Okay, maybe not horrible, but pretty rotten. Most nights, the northern lights happen to appear when I’ve decided to go to bed early (I know this because I have my email set up to receive alerts from Soft Serve News). It never fails, I go to bed early, and not even an hour later (as told by the time stamp on my emails) that the aurora’s are at storm level and haha Allison, you missed them because you were sleeping. Now this probably doesn’t sound bad, but back in February I was finally able to convince Ryan that he needed to come out with me to get pictures of the Norther Lights because it would be amazing! It was a good thing he came, because we got stuck in snow, slush, and ice at Wild Goose. And I mean stuck. After an hour and a half of pushing a car with a spare tire, we had gotten no where and conceded that we’d have to call a tow truck to come and get us out (the tow truck almost got stuck himself and he barely even entered the park). So, after 2.5 hours of being stuck and a $200 tow truck bill, I walked away with zero pictures even though, as we were trying to get unstuck the northern lights were blazing over head. It was gorgeous, but you’ll just have to take my word for it because I didn’t get any pictures šŸ™

But tonight, tonight I started getting emails around 7pm that the northern lights were at STORM LEVEL. The aurora is measured in kp level, and in Thunder Bay we can see it at about 4.5 kp on a good night, the numbers I was getting email about were 7 and 8kp so I knew I would definitely be able to see it. But I debated going out because if I went, I’d be alone. In the dark. What if a bear ate me? Or someone was waiting in the bushes in the middle of nowhere waiting to kidnap me? Yup, I love the night time just not all of the scary things I imagine go with it.

But I made it home safe, and this time I actually have pictures to show for it! They may not be the greatest, or artistically brilliant, or groundbreakingly original pictures but they’re mine, and that’s whats most exciting. I finally have my own Northern Light pictures which aren’t blurry! Enjoy <3


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