Florida Adventures: The Final Day

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We’ve come to our final day of adventures, which was the second most intentionally planned day of our trip. What better way to spend May 4th then with a bunch of your favorite star wars characters? I’d say there is no better way, and so we headed to Hollywood Studos.Now, that may sound like I am a huge Star Wars fan, I’m not really. I barely made it through the first two movies, and have yet to watch the third, and I haven’t watched any of the prequels. I know enough to know who the key players are, but Ryan is a fan so I was excited to go for him.
Like when we got to Magic Kingdom, when we got to Hollywood Studios we were greeted with a parade of sorts. Except for this one didn’t have floats or music; it had a bunch of storm troopers and the royal guard. When they stopped, they allowed 2 minutes to take pictures with the storm troopers. There were so many people who converged on them when they stopped I am sure not everyone got a picture with them, but we did!
Hollywood studios, for the most part, is a lot of shows and I dragged Ryan to almost every one of them. I got him to watch the Beauty and the Beast play, and I took him to the Frozen Sing-a-Long. He may have loved me a little less after the Frozen adventure… But I had a little girl mistake me for Elsa (not even thinking I wore my hair in a french braid that day) so even though the show was not as elaborate as I had expected it to be, I still left with a good story.
Although Frozen didn’t exactly deliver, the Indiana Jones and the car stunt show we’re crazy!
A lot of Hollywood studios showed behind the scenes things, how the movies are made, and many of the rides and shows centered around this. We got to partake in an earthquake on a subway and watch them ‘film’ a car chase and scenes from the Indiana Jones movies.
And, keeping with the Star Wars day theme, we also went on an adventure through the galaxy with C3P0 as our guide. I also had Chewbacca wave at me while I was waiting for Ryan. I may have felt a little special… I mostly just bragged to Ryan about it.
It was a busy trip all in all, and I thank everyone who has taken time to read about our trip! Here are some pictures to show you out… and May the Force Be With You! (You will probably never ever hear me say that in person…)


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