Florida Adventures: Part 4

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Welcome back! If you’ve read the previous Florida posts you’re probably as exhausted as I was during my trip (I hope not, because I’ve seriously never been so exhausted in my whole life!), and if you’re just joining me, check out Parts 1-3. There’s a lot of great pictures and stories to be had!
        So, we’ve done Harry Potter and 2 Disney Parks so far. We’re deciding to change it up and we are spending the weekend at Universal and throwing in a trip to downtown Disney to see the Avengers movie for some variety!
        Let me start by saying that if you ever go to Universal, buy the fast pass thingy, just make sure you buy it when you book your tickets. The waits at Universal for all of the rides you probably want to go on are LONG.
        That being said, there were so many wicked rides at Universal. They had a lot of 3D motion rides which quickly became my favorites (think we will every get any at the CLE? I don’t even know how that would be possible). The 3D motion rides completely immerse you in the story of the ride and can give you the sensation of falling, flying etc. all while you’re no more than a few feet off the ground. I actually didn’t realize how close you stay to the ground until I went on the minion ride and you can see the other cars. Definitely eased my mind– No Allison, you’re not actually falling off a building, and no, the car isn’t going down a gigantic drop!
         Speaking of the minion ride, it was my second favorite ride at Universal (not including HP World). Spiderman though, was by far my favorite. Ryan and I absolutely loved it. There were so many different elements to it and it was so seamlessly done you forgot you were looking at a screen.
        Aside from the 3D rides, we went on a couple of water rides. After enjoying splash mountain a lot more than I thought I would, I was excited to go on the Jurassic Park ride. The thing is, you can’t see the drop from outside the ride as it’s covered by a cave. You see the people come out, but you don’t see them coming down the hill. It’s probably a good thing too, because I swear it was a straight vertical drop, 84ft of vertical. See the photos for my reaction… It was pretty fun though.
        We also went on another ride like the Kali River Rapids and I thought I got wet on that one. When I got off this one I was so wet I was dripping from everywhere. My shoes squelched with every step and I was still wet when we got back to the resort.
       Taking a break from the rides for a little bit, Ryan and I went and spent a bit of time exploring the shops in the superhero area. We ate lunch at Captain America’s diner and met Spider-Man. Ladies, if you ever want your man to do something, have Spider-Man tell him what to do. As we were approaching Spider-Man to get our picture taken, I told Ryan to put the back pack down by the counter so it wouldn’t be in the picture. He just continued on as if I hadn’t said anything, so I repeated myself. Still nothing. So then Spider-Man greets us and says to Ryan “Hey man, put down your back pack and come take a picture.” The response was instant… Because I hadn’t been telling him the same thing for the past 30 seconds…. Boys.
     On Saturday, because Universal closed so early, Ryan and I booked tickets to go and see the new Avengers movie at a dine in theater. You sit in big reclining chairs with a bar counter in front of you. You have a waiter and a full restaurant menu of stuff to choose from. The bistro mac and cheese was to die for, and the movie was pretty awesome too!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:


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