Florida Adventures: Part 3

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A trip to Orlando isn’t complete without a trip to the Magic Kingdom and I swear, the place really is magical.

        After having such a busy first two days, and knowing that we were going to be at Magic Kingdom super late, we took the last shuttle from the resort and when we got there the park was already in full swing with people everywhere! As Ryan and I stopped to apply sunscreen, loud music started playing. Just moments after entering the park, we were being greeted by a parade. Because if anyone knows how to rock it, and create a grand spectacle to welcome its guests, it’s Disney.
        Ryan and I were going to watch the parade, but saw the ice cream parlor on the corner and got distracted and the distraction was delicious. Ryan and I got our cones (me birthday cake, him cookies n cream, and birthday cake) we went and sat on the patio where we could see the parade. I swear, it is impossible to be miserable when you are eating some of the most delicious ice cream ever, and listening to music that you just want to dance to! So, we’re eating our ice cream, the parade has just left and two baby ducks come waddling on to the patio walking underneath the tables and eating fallen food off the floor (did Donald Duck forget his offspring?). It was absolutely adorable and it made my heart gush. Gosh darn it Disney, rein back the awesome for just one minute, please?
        Not going to lie, Disney did rein back on the awesome for just a minute. It happened not long after when we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting for this ride, maybe something more exciting because the movies are so epic, but to Ryan and I it was slow and boring.

        The Festival of Fantasy Parade made up for it entirely though. When Ryan and I got there, there were already hundreds (thousands?) of people with spots. Somehow though, we managed to get probably the best spot for the whole show 🙂 It was a huge spectacle with all of the major disney characters (except for the Lion King….

        The whole day at Magic Kingdom was so busy, there were so many rides we went on and so much that we did I can’t even try and blog about all of it. I was terrified to go on splash mountain (big drops are as scary to me as going upside down) but loved it, and the shows were all amazing. Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor was actually pretty funny, but it took a while to get in because ‘Roz was having a diva moment.’ The Philharmagic was also pretty awesome.
        Out of all of the rides we went on though, I have to mention the Tomorrowland Speedway. Ryan was super excited to go on it, and it looked like go-carts, which are super amazing, so I was  totally down for it (does anyone else miss Wild side as much as I do?). Let me tell you, it is nothing like go carts, at all! You are pretty much attached to a track, and instead of going where you want it when you steer, the car just keeps swerving. Ryan was getting so angry and I was sitting there laughing so hard because with every 10 seconds we spent on the ride his frustration grew more and more. At one point he let go of the wheel and the car just went crazy! So, the ride wasn’t fun in the traditional sense, but it was definitely good for a laugh!
      We’ve gone through the whole day and done so much stuff, and we’re starving. We decide to head to one of the diners on Main Street and on our way there we see SO MANY PEOPLE standing in front of the castle, because apparently people start picking spots for the fireworks show an hour and a half in advance. After a tough decision we decide that we are going to get food and then find a spot. Just like the parade, these late birds managed to snag an amazing spot.
                The light show that they play on the castle is epic, they pay homage to almost every disney movie out there and the fact that it’s shaped PERFECTLY to the castle and you can’t even see where the projectors are just made it insane. The fireworks were pretty awesome too, timed to music with several finales, they were the best fireworks I have ever seen.
        And, because Disney has to be just insanely magical in ways they don’t even know, when the firework show ended, as ryan and I were walking back in to the park to go on more rides, one lone owl lands on the lamp post right beside us, while the end music about dreams is still playing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an owl not in a cage before and he was so majestic and landed at such a perfect time it really just took my breath away. He only stayed for a minute before flying away but holy, it was just so perfect.
               As wonderful as Disney is during the day, you have not experienced Disney until you’ve stuck around after the fireworks. The park empties out significantly and you can really jus enjoy the space and the rides; there’s just a completely different feel to the park. Plus, I got to meet Ariel without waiting.
            Disney was fabulous, if you haven’t gone go!
                Without further adieu, here’s some pictures!


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