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Happy Monday, friends!

Welcome to the first every installment of Monday Moments! Monday Moments is a new blog series that will be posted (hopefully!) every Monday, where I reflect on my favourite or the most memorable moments of the past week! Why Monday? Because who actually likes Monday, and what better day to be reminded of all of the awesome over the past week than on Monday, when you’re back to work after a weekend of freedom?

Here are my favourite moments from the last week 🙂

  • We got the cats a laser and it’s the cutest thing! Yoda goes crazy over it and even Moose, who only moves when she hears the tinkle of food hitting her dish, has gotten in on the action! Don’t be surprised if you see some kitty + laser videos popping up on my IG
  • We had Ryan’s work Christmas party on Friday and I decided to treat myself and have my make-up done by Carly of Wink! She is amazing and I felt so pretty, even though I was home by 1130 because I’m like an old lady and Netflix and my pajamas were calling to me
  • I also got the cutest pair of new shoes for the Christmas party!! They’re pointed toe black suede pumps with a gold heel; I’ve been wanting to wear them everywhere but then I have to remind myself that I do not do well in heels, no matter how badly I want to pretend that I do!
  • We FINALLY got our Christmas tree up! Kinda…! When I say up I mean it’s been taken out of the box and is standing upright in my living room. Naked L Poor sad naked tree. I’m hoping that Ryan and I can find sometime throughout the week to make it look a little less bare.
  • I published my new website!!! Which you’ve likely seen if you’re reading the blog 🙂 It took almost a week to get up and running due to some unforeseen technical issues (I 100% thought it would be as easy as clicking publish to have it completely take over my old site, boy was I wrong!) but thank you to the support studs at Showit it finally got up and running 😀
  • I finished some of my Christmas shopping! Not all, but some, and I feel damn accomplished for it!
  • I FINALLY got a House of Flynn camera bag!! I have been eyeing them for over a year and back in May my mom and I bought a purse and turned it in to a camera bag so I would have something prettier than my Swiss Army backpack until I could afford one. Well, thank you Black Friday! I finally got one and I am in LOVE! It fit’s ALL of my gear plus my laptop, and it’s super adorable!

What were some of your favourite moments from your last week? Feel free to share in the comments, I’d love to hear!!

Have a beautiful rest of the week

<3 Allison



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