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Happy Monday, friends!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I spent mine working but after 11 days off I was ready to get out of the house! One of my New Year’s goals for this year is to get healthy and since Ryan and I are guilty of eating out all. the. time. one of the changes that I wanted to make was to cook more meals at home and since Wednesday we have had home cooked meals all but one night, go us! Tonight I am planning on making Pad Thai and I hope it turns out better than the last time I attempted to make it! Here are a few more highlights from my week 🙂

  • I haven’t had pop in 4 days, which is probably the longest I have gone without pop in 8 or more years. It’s a problem I’m trying desperately to fix! The hardest part is avoiding foods that I love having pop with…
  • We finally fixed our Android box this weekend and last night I started watching This Is Us and I am in LOVE!
  • I tried a delicious new recipe which, after eating, Ryan said “you have to make this again really soon.” 🙂
  • In 6 days I’ll be back in Arizona, this time for Amy and Jordan’s workshop!
  • I’ve finally made some progress in outlining my goals for 2017, which is big for someone who has never written an actual goal before!

What was awesome about your past week? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

<3 Allison


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