Intimate winter wedding at Bight Restaurant in Thunder Bay

2018 was one for the books! It brought many new challenges and exciting adventures. I photographed 13 weddings and countless portrait and engagement sessions! I had originally intended for this post to be a mix of both weddings and engagements but when I looked at the folder for the blog post and saw over 300 […]

2018 was a great year for me and my camera! I got to photograph so many wonderful couple’s engagement sessions that are making me super excited for all of my 2019 weddings! Engagement sessions are one of my favourite parts of the whole wedding experience. They give me and my couples a chance to connect […]

Instant Family is based on a real story and stars Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrnes who play Pete and Ellie, a husband and wife who spend their time flipping houses, a la Chip and Joanna, but feel that there is something missing from their lives. This feeling leads them in to the world of fostering, where they end up fostering not one, but 3 kids.

Imagine, walking through a field towards your groom. The grass softly rustles as your dress brushes along. You have butterflies in your stomach and you know that your groom, the love of your life, is feeling the same. His back is facing you and he’s eagerly waiting for you to call his name so he […]

With Black Friday happening today and Cyber Monday just around the corner, I’m sure Christmas shopping is on all of our minds! Maybe you have that special someone who you just don’t know what to get this year or, yet again, mom has told you that she ‘doesn’t need anything’ (story of my life)! Fear […]

Confession: I remember the first time I ever heard of engagement photos the entire idea of it baffled me. My biggest confusion was how the photographer knew the couple was getting engaged. Did he just stumbled upon the proposal? Was it planned? Friends, I thought you could only get engagement photos done right when the […]

We’re going to take a break from talking about all things related to wedding photography for a hot second because there’s something (and someone) I wanted to share with you! In the past 3 years I’ve photographed over 40 weddings but there was one type of vendor I hadn’t had much opportunity to work with. […]

Whenever people find out I’m a wedding photographer, it is common for them to share stories of their experiences with wedding photographers with me. Sometimes I hear stories that are great but, unfortunately, just like in any service based industry, people are more apt to remember and share stories about the bad experiences they’ve had.  […]

Being a wedding photographer has surpassed all of my wildest dreams for what I would ever do as a living. Even in those moments where I dreamed I’d be a marine biologist (despite being terrified of tropical fish) or a back up dancer (as immortalized in my grade 8 year book), I never once imagined […]