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Why You Should Invest In a Wedding Album

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A couple of years ago I attended a conference that changed my thinking on wedding albums. Before this conference, albums were something I used to offer as an a la carte item. But then I realized I was doing my couples a disservice by not providing them with a wedding album. And it was then I decided I never want my couples to be without a tangible reminder of their wedding pictures.

Your wedding pictures deserve to be presented in a way that’s beautiful and chronicles the story your your wedding day. A wedding album is the perfect way to do that.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether you should invest in a wedding album, keep reading! I’ll be sharing 4 reasons why a wedding album is the perfect way to display your wedding photographs!

Wedding album featuring a vellum entrance page with the words "Leann & Cole, The Chanterelle, 08.23.19" inscribed on it.

1. Wedding Albums Stand the Test of Time

Online wedding galleries are currently the most popular way to deliver images. They make it effortless to access and share your images but ten years from now this may not be the case. There will likely come a time when online hosting isn’t the best option. And that means your gallery may no longer be available.

But, when you have a printed wedding album, it will always be accessible to you (no matter what technological advances come our way). Because print is forever and you’ll always have your album ready to pull out and look at whenever you want!

2. They’re an Heirloom Item

An album is the perfect way for your wedding story to live on. It makes it easy for you to relive your wedding day with each other and those around you. And this also means being able to share with future generations who weren’t around on your special day!

”There is something so special about turning the pages of a wedding album. I can remember looking through my parent’s wedding album as a kid; I must have gone through it so many times that I can convince myself that I was there…Part of me hopes my children look at our wedding album in the same way that I cherished my parents”

Isabelle Hope

Being able to pass on your memories to your children or grandchildren is a piece of (wedding) cake when you have a quality album to share with them. Not to mention, they won’t have to fight over who gets that huge 20×30 print of the two of you. And can I let you in on a little secret? None of them actually wants it because really, what are they going to do with a huge print of mom and dad?

A stack of wedding albums

3. They’re Quality Made

When you opt to order your wedding album through your photographer, you know that you’ll be getting a quality item! For me, I work with an Ontario based company that creates albums using archival quality materials so your album will last for generations.

I also work with my couples to design a fully customized album that tells the story of their day so every time they flip through those luxurious pages, they’re brought right back to all of the joy and emotion from their special day!

“The photo album is a great reminder of the memories captured. It is so personalized and is such an easy way to show our favourite photos to family and friends. Due to its great quality, we know our album will last forever”

Ashley Montgomery

4. There’s Something Special About Seeing Your Pictures in Print

In today’s digital world we document more than any other generation but those images rarely make it off our phones. And while it’s fine that your 200 selfies don’t make it in to print, something as precious as your wedding photos deserve to be printed.

There’s something so special about actually being able to feel, touch, and hold the memories from one of the most special days in your life. And one way to guarantee that you’ll have this tangible reminder of your day is by having a wedding album. Again, technology may come and go but printed media will be around forever and so will your wedding album

“With most photos today being digital, we loved the idea of having a customized, printed wedding album. We were blown away when we received it. Our album is absolutely gorgeous. We are so thankful that Allison offers this with her photo packages.”

Erin Flis
Wedding album featuring a vellum entrance page with the words "Leann & Cole, The Chanterelle, 08.23.19" inscribed on it.

If reading these 4 reasons for investing in a wedding album made your heart ache a little because your images so far only live on the screen, just know it’s not too late to order a wedding album of your own!

I have designed wedding albums for my couples years out from their wedding date and I’m always happy to do so! Plus, ordering an album after your wedding date is a great way to have those precious memories immortalized in print and not have the financial overwhelm of paying for a wedding and an album all at once (because, in the words of my past bride Isabelle, the sticker shock is real but it’s an expense that’s well worth it!)

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