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This week on the wedding vendor spotlight I am super excited to feature Brittany from Thuja Floral Design! From the moment I first saw Brittany’s work I was smitten, I just love the organic, wild, and natural beauty that her bouquets have ❤ Brittany is amazing to work with and one of my favourite things about her and her shop is that she makes every effort to be environmentally friendly! I asked Brittany for some advice she would give to brides picking flowers for their big day and here are her answers 😊

What are your top tips for choosing a florist?

When choosing a florist I think the most important things to consider are style and connection.  Start with a little research! Check out the work of local florists, either their online portfolio and social media or in person at their shop, and narrow it down to the one’s whose designs you love and whose style complements the look you envision for your wedding.  Once you have a few in mind whose work you love, set up a consultation with the designer to discuss your wedding florals.  At this meeting you should feel comfortable speaking with them, and feel as though they understand your vision and needs.  You don’t have to know much about flowers, or know exactly what you’d like, but you should feel like your florist “gets” you.  Be sure to bring anything you think will help illustrate your wedding vision: pictures of the dresses, colour swatches and palettes, pictures of flower or designs you like, even things like stationary or table linens; every little bit helps to get a full sense of your wedding.  With a bit of creative freedom, a florist who understands your vision will be excited to help bring it to life in ways your never imagined!

What are mistakes to avoid when choosing a florist?

If you love flowers, and consider them an important part of your wedding day (they will be in all of your pictures, after all!), the biggest mistakes you can make is basing your choice of florist on price alone.  Like I mentioned, you want to feel a connection with your chosen florist so don’t sacrifice this for a lower price tag.  It is very important to determine your flower budget and to let your florist know to ensure that you are both on the same page.  We aren’t asking with judgement, we want to create the most beautiful designs for you without suggesting things that are way outside of your budget- that would be a letdown for everyone!  If you don’t have a budget in mind when meeting with your chosen florist and they send a quote that is above what you feel comfortable with don’t be afraid to communicate this.  A good designer will be able to work within your budget, but this means there may have to be compromises on your end as well.  Maybe those garden roses that you love are pushing up the cost; your florist could suggest other beautiful (lower cost) varieties.  Maybe the number of centrepieces means that they take up a large portion of your budget- your florist could suggest alternative designs, or ways to use flowers from the ceremony at the reception.  Be flexible- you can’t expect the florist to just cut the price without making some concessions yourself.

What makes your service special?

I strive to let the natural beauty of flowers shine in any bouquet or arrangement I create.  My design style is lush and organic, and every arrangement is bespoke with much care taken in selecting just the right colours and flower varieties to suite each wedding.  No matter how many years I’ve worked with flowers there is always something that makes me stop and stare- a beautiful colour, a new variety, an interesting petal shape, the curvature of a stem- each flower is beautiful even if it is imperfect, and this inspires my work.  I’m passionate about what I do and I don’t take for granted that I get to express my creativity through the beauty of flowers every day, and feel especially lucky that couples trust me to design the florals for their wedding!

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