Trowbridge Falls Engagement Session: Monica and Trevor

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Happy Tuesday, friends! I am super excited to share this engagement session with you! Monica and Trevor are getting married early next month at St. Casimir’s church and this was my first time getting to meet them together!

For their engagement session Monica and I had originally decided to go to Wolf River Falls; as soon as she showed me pictures of it on her phone I was smitten and immediately began dreaming up ideas for their photos! However, once Monica told Trevor about our plan he explained that it wasn’t the easiest of hikes and it definitely wasn’t one I’d want to be making with all of my camera equipment (the hike involves some steep hills and a rope ladder to get down in to the gorge, yikes!). It’s also apparently a time consuming hike so, instead, we decided that we would take their engagement pictures at Trowbridge Falls, MacKenzie Point, and Wild Goose and am I ever glad we did!

Monica and Trevor were such an easy going fun couple to be around and you can see the joy that they bring each other! I got some of the best photos of the two of them when I let them just be who they are and didn’t pose them too much (so many cute photos!) Who would have thought that selling someone a TV would lead to finding your soul mate?

Thank you for the fun evening, Trevor and Monica! I can’t wait to do it all again in a few weeks! J:)


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