Thunder Bay NorWester Winter Wedding: Ashley and Michael

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I walked over to Michael to let him know that his bride was here. There were tracks in the snow from where he had been pacing, excited and nervous to see his bride. The snow had collected on his shoulders and in his hair indicating that he’d been waiting for us. The snow fell around us, big fluffy snowflakes silently drifting down from the sky as if someone had shaken a snow globe. I went back and let Ashley know that when she was good to go, she could make her way towards her husband-to-be. Ashley took a couple of steps, the snow old snow crunching under her feet. She called his name and Michael turned around. Immediately his face lit with joy and he began giggling. When Mike is nervous he giggles. As Ashley closed the distance between them Mike couldn’t take his eyes off her, enjoying every moment he had to soak in how beautiful his bride looked. Ashley was doing the same, taking in how handsome he looked. As Ashley and Michael finally came together it seemed as if everything were still and quiet, a true moment just for them—something every bride and groom deserve to have on their wedding day.

Ashley and Michael, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your day! Your day couldn’t have been more beautiful and it truly felt like mother nature was blessing your day by sending down those big fluffy snowflakes! I loved getting to spend the day sharing and celebrating your day with you, your family, and your friends. You are both wonderful and kind people and I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to work with you. I wish you nothing but love, happiness, and beautiful memories as you embark on this new chapter in life together! Here are just a few of my favourites from your wedding day! <3

<3 Allison

Thank you to the amazing creative team!

Bride’s dress: Morilee from Unveiled Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid dresses:Unveiled Bridal Boutique

Groom’s Tux: Moore’s

Groomsmen’s Tuxes: Moore’s

Flowers: Heather Warner

Boutonnieres: Rollason Flowers

Head Table Backdrop: Helium Highs

Venue and Catering: Best Western Nor’Wester

Cake: Kaitlyn Chovancak

Entertainment: Maverick Entertainment


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