St. Andrew’s and Italian Cultural Centre Wedding: Kayla and Philip

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Even if I hadn’t been watching for her, the noticeable shift in Philip’s expression said everything I needed to know: that his bride was coming down the aisle. With a look of such adoration and happiness he couldn’t have been looking at anyone else. Everyone watched intently as Kayla made her way down the aisle. Kayla, with parents on either side of her, clutched her bouquet, holding on to more than just flowers. Attached to the stem of her bouquet earlier that morning, was the bonnet she wore during her christening and a necklace which had been passed down from generation to generation. This moment was both the beginning and the end of a big part of Kayla and Philip’s life together. It was the last time they’d  be seeing each other as fiances and the beginning of their life together as husband and wife.

In a beautiful ceremony at St. Andrews Roman Catholic church, Kayla and Philip were married by the same priest who had wed Kayla’s parents in the same church where her grandparents were married. The onlookers included guests from near and far, Philips family coming all the way from Germany.

The ceremony was followed by a gorgeous reception at the Italian Cultural Centre where, as bride and groom, Kayla and Phil spent the evening with those they hold closest to their hearts.

I want to thank you, Kayla and Phil for choosing me to spend this beautiful day with you. It was great to spend the day with not only the both of you but your families. You are a beautiful couple inside and out and after meeting your family it’s easy to see why!

After the rehearsal ceremony I went home and realized that there was a bit of advice id like to give to you. I’m not married but I have experienced the excitement and joy of living with the one I love and, in these past few years, I’ve learned some valuable lessons. The first one is talking through the little things before they become big things; you don’t want your biggest fight to be about something as trivial as who’s doing the dishes. And lastly, never go to bed angry, you’ll sleep much better if you sort things out before bed!

May life bring you many many decades to happiness together!

xo Allison


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