Fort William Country Club Wedding: Melissa + John

July 26, 2016

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With Melissa and John in one golf cart, and myself and my gear in another, we headed out on to the golf course at Fort William Country Club to take some pictures. My mind was swimming with ideas and to the right, off of the main path, I saw the first spot I wanted to stop! What I didn’t know when I chose this spot was that continuing down the path would take us backwards through the golf course. We hadn’t managed to make it to our next picture location before we were being yelled at by two older men. After issuing many apologies, we drove on in search of our next location where we wouldn’t get hit by stray golf balls or upset anyone’s golf game. It was on our way there Melissa and John received the most original congratulations of the day from a wonderful young man. With those two experiences behind us, and nothing but friendly golfers ahead of us we finished getting some beautiful portraits!

Melissa and John, thank you for allowing me to spend the day with you! It was wonderful to meet your family and friends and to hear most about you as a couple. I truly believe that life has a funny way of giving us the the right person exactly when we need them the most, and you two are that for each other. I wish you many years of love, happiness, and beautiful memories.

<3 Allison



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  1. Barbara Best says:

    As I expected – stunning! I am so happy for the both of you – proof that happy endings still exist! Lots of love and congratulations!

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