2018 Christmas Gift Guide

With Black Friday happening today and Cyber Monday just around the corner, I’m sure Christmas shopping is on all of our minds!

Maybe you have that special someone who you just don’t know what to get this year or, yet again, mom has told you that she ‘doesn’t need anything’ (story of my life)! Fear not, sweet friend! After extensive stalking (thank you, Instagram) I’ve compiled a list of gifts to help you find something for even the hardest people to buy for on your Christmas list because nothing is better than getting, except giving, and seeing the look of joy the face of someone you love as they open the perfect Christmas present!


The One For the Woman Who Loves to Sleep

Work hard, play hard, sleep hard! If there’s a woman in your life who loves to sleep as hard as she works, then she needs these doggone adorable pyjamas from J.B Evans in her life!

And while you’re there picking up her new favourite set of PJs, be sure to check out all of their other amazing items! The men at J.B Evans truly have an eye for fashion!


The One For the Man with the Beard to End All Beards

Do you have a man in your life who has a beard that could rival young Dumbledore’s? Consider helping him keep his facial hair hydrated and well cared for this season with Tree Planter Beard Oil and Mountain Man Shaving Cream from LovelyBody! Sarah hand makes all of her products with non-non-toxic ingredients. With products these luxurious, he’ll be sure to feel like he’s gone to the manliest of spas ever this winter season and him (and his beard) will thank you! Also, be sure to check out her line of soaps, lotions, bath bombs, perfume oils and so much more for yourself as well (after all of this wonderful gift giving, you’ll deserve a little pampering!)


The One For the Person Who Has Hands

Now this is a gift I think everyone can get in to, a pair of wool knits from Kirty’s Knits! This beer loving lady has a way with knitting needles and makes adorable mittens and hats that will keep your loved ones warm this cold winter season! Check her out at the Craft Revival on November 25 at Red Lion Smokehouse or send her a message on Facebook!


The One For the Mom Who Doesn’t Need Anything

Maybe mom doesn’t need anything, or want anything, or buys herself everything she wants leaving nothing for you to buy her. I have been there. EVERY. CHRISTMAS. for 27 years! I have the solution for you! Get mom something she doesn’t even know she wants this Christmas, something she’d never buy for herself, a day of pampering at Drift Day Spa! Drift has many services to choose from including mani/pedis, massages, and facials. You’ll be sure to find something that will leave mom feeling more refreshed than she’s ever felt in all her years of raising children!


The One For the Friend Who Loves Home Decor

In the era of HGTV and Netflix, there are so many of us who love decorating our homes to be the perfect oasis and venue to host nightly Netflix marathons! So, what do you get for your friend who loves designing her home as much as she likes being in it? Something new and beautiful for her home, of course! Macrame and Driftwood makes the most beautiful custom macrame wall hangings and the cutest hanging plant holders! While it may be too late for a custom order, Tiffany will be at the Craft Revival on November 25 in The Chanterelle! 


The One For the Friend with the Green Thumb

Do you have a friend who loves her plants as if they were her children? Stop by Thuja Floral Design to order the cutest plant friend to add to her collection, the Grinch Tree! With a curved top, a beautiful bow, and the cutest little bobbles, this tree will be her pride and joy (and newest favourite plant) this holiday season!

The One For the Friend Who Puts that Sh*t on Everything

Maybe you have a friend who has a hot sauce addiction and loves putting it on everything. This Christmas season it’s time for you to upgrade their hot sauce addiction with Heartbeat Hot Sauce! Heartbeat has been making the rounds at weddings this year and if so many of my brides love it enough to gift it to allllll of their closest friends and family it must be good. So go ahead, spice up someone’s  Christmas with some hot sauce! You can find where to buy Heartbeat Hot Sauce by clicking here!


The One for the Person Who Lives Across the Country

Packing up gifts for Christmas can be a lot of work! First you have to find what to put in there and then there’s the matter of packaging it. Do you just wrap the presents and stuff them in a box? Do you make it look all pretty and cross your fingers it still looks just as good when it gets there? These are all things you don’t have to worry about when you choose to go with Clover Lane Crates! Created with only the most luxurious, natural, Canadian made products, Clover Lane Crates curates the perfect products for your gift box , packages it beautifully, and send it across the country for you! You can also add a Pixie Card Co. Card to your order to take your gift to the next level!


The One For the Fur Babies

The furriest members of our families deserve some gifts on Christmas as well! Check out 4 Paws Treats at the Country Market to get your four-legged best friend something delicious this holiday season!


The One For Everyone

Maybe you still have no clue what to get for some of the people on your Christmas list this year. I have good news. You can always get them a card. But don’t just get them any old Hallmark card this holiday season, up your card game by getting them a card from Pixie Card Co! I laugh out loud every time I see one of her cards pop up on my Instagram feed and you’ll be sure to bring a smile to the recipients face with these witty and hilarious cards (even if there’s nothing in it!) Stock up now at Wojo’s Mojo or through Amanda’s Etsy shop


The One For You

After you’ve done all of this holiday shopping, it’s time to treat yourself! Maybe you picked up a few gifts for yourself on the way, or not, but after all of that work you deserve some gelato! So, as a way to congratulate yourself on a job well done, before you start wrapping all of your wonderful presents, stop by Prime Gelato and enjoy a delicious treat!


*the images in this post belong to the shop owners and are in no way affiliated with Allison Parker Photography



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