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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Whenever people find out I’m a wedding photographer, it is common for them to share stories of their experiences with wedding photographers with me. Sometimes I hear stories that are great but, unfortunately, just like in any service based industry, people are more apt to remember and share stories about the bad experiences they’ve had. 

Every time I hear one of these stories my heart breaks and I’m reminded exactly why I am a wedding photographer. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your lives and you’re counting on the professional photographer to preserve it in a way that will allow you to relive and share it for decades and generations to come; if a wedding photographer can’t understand the gravity of that and the importance of our job then they have no business being in this business. 

Because I feel so passionately about choosing the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day, I wanted to discuss not only how to choose the perfect wedding photographer but questions to ask them to ensure that they are exactly what you’re looking for!

Can I see a full gallery?

But Allison, you mentioned this in your last post! I know, I know! But you know how your parents harp on certain things over and over again to the point they sound like a broken record (but years down the road you’ll still hear them saying that same thing, a constant annoying yet helpful reminder in the back of your head?) This is me when it comes to seeing a full wedding gallery! It is so important to see exactly what your photographer’s abilities are. Lighting throughout the entire wedding day changes so much from the light in your getting ready space, to the bright natural light during portraits, to the overhead lights at your wedding reception it all needs to be handled differently and you want to ensure they are able to handle ALL OF IT! If any significant portion of your wedding is in black and white, that’s usually a clue that they weren’t able to capture the image well enough to show in colour. Now, it may also mean that they just really love black and white images (and there’s nothing wrong with that) but this is something you should know because your feelings on black and white images may differ!

How Long Will It Take To Get My Images

The turn around time for how long it will take to get the final gallery of images varies from photographer to photographer. All of us have a different workflow in how we approach editing, some of us work other jobs, and others have a more demanding family life and because of this the turn around varies drastically. For me, I guarantee delivery of the final wedding gallery within 4 weeks of the wedding date while others it make take upwards of 2 months. 

What Are the Booking Qualifications to Secure My Wedding Date

This is a question I am surprised I’m not asked more often although it usually doesn’t vary too too much from one professional to another. Typically, to secure your wedding date, you’ll have to provide a non-refundable retainer and complete a contract of some form. What you’re most worried about here is that the wedding photographer has a contract. If they don’t, this is a red flag. Even when I was just starting out, before I ever booked my first wedding, I had a contract ready and waiting for that big moment! Without a contract, there is no clear outline of the expectations of the photographer or for you as the client and no way to hold the photographer responsible if they don’t perform their duties properly. In my contract, I outline delivery time for images, what happens if something prevents me from being able to capture the wedding, and what my expectations are of you as my couple (to name a few).

Thunder Bay fall wedding

There are so many more questions to ask when finding a photographer that can be yielded through a Google search, but these are the three that I find are so important to figuring out if they are the right photographer for you! So, now that you’re armed with how to find the perfect wedding photographer, I wish you the best of luck finding the perfect one for your wedding day!


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